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As one of the Leading Indian Manufacturers of Medical Products, Medi-Lin offers a complete line of protective apparels & many surgeon and patient care products to cater to the healthcare, high-tech and scientific industries.

Medi-Lin , being one of the largest producers of these medical consumables, is specialized in the production of disposable medical masks and other protective apparels such as headwear, footwear, protective gowns, face mask, drapes, mop, pads and customized kits for comprehensive infection prophylaxis.

We at Medi-Lin are strong believers of credibility & brand and our objective is to satisfy our customers.

Beginning with non-woven fabrics in the 1990’s to laminated impervious gown today, Medi-Lin has satisfied clientele nationwide with its state-of-the-art technology, the highest quality & competitive prices.

Let Medi-Lin help in keeping your employees and patient’s safe. Our focus is on being an indispensable partner for our customers and our priority is to prevent infections.

Medi-Lin ’s wide range of styles and breathable fluid resistant fabrics provide both comfort and high-level protection to you and for the patients under your care.

Dedicated to Life in All Its Dimensions

strive to help reduce the risk of infection and contribute to a safer environment for everyone within a healthcare facility. Our focus is on producing the best solutions in head-to-toe protection- for you and for the patients under your care.

Manufacturer of innovate and unique Disposable

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Custom Programs

Medi-Lin can tailor make any kind of uniform program that fits in your needs and requirements. Our program also includes on-site fitting which would be hosted by our customer service team. We will also provide Fit-Kits so as to help you with self-fitting. Have alook through the products our company provides and get in touch with us to find what we can offer.

Medi-Lin is the leading doctor cotton apron manufacturer being the safest and best choice for hospital and other disposable linen. Give us a call and speak to our representative.

Customer Testimonials

  • Doctor Uniforms are Comfortable, Long lasting and competitively priced.

    Manish Shah Rated: 5 Stars
  • Quality is very good and it is very good service

    Niraj Patel Rated: 5 Stars

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